All singles and album tracks released by us are available on our official YOUTUBE CHANNEL where the various playlists have them in EP and album order. Similarly, everything we release is available to download from our official Bandcamp Store

Prior to the release of an EP or album we publish an official video trailer as a taster of what’s to come. Below are all of them with a further link to where they can be streamed in full on Spotify

Justo the MC & Brelstaff – “Urban Testimony” (album)

Anthony Kannon & Frost Gamble – “Cautionary Tales” (album)

Brelstaff – “Urban Testimony [The Instrumentals]” (album)

Ramson Badbonez – “Lead by Example” (album)

Tru Trilla – “God of Barz” (album)

Phoenix da Icefire & Husky Brown – “Panacea” (album)

Az Izz – “Dopeliss” (album)

Tru Trilla – “The Seymour Chronicles” (EP)

Krash Slaughta v B.I.M. – “18 Showdown EP”

Belles in Monica – “Natsukashii – Lazarus EP Volume 2”

Belles in Monica – “Y’All in Meltdown – Lazarus EP Volume 1”

Underground Cartel “Sapientia EP”