In 2005, due to various prevailing factors at the time, the decision was taken to defer label activity and allocate all resources to the development of our UrbanElite division.

The production team would go on to work in film and music resulting in the release of various sports DVDs while providing audio mixing and mastering services on a variety of projects.

Over the years however, the brand name would become best known for its work in the field of music promotions, having already developed wide ranging connections with international artists in the years leading up to this point.

Initially covering a broader spectrum of “urban” music genres, the operation began servicing releases by Stateside artists to UK media. Some of the earliest campaigns included albums by TQ, the multi talented poet, musician, rapper and singer La Bruja, and Chicago rapper Verbal Kent who would later join Mello’s roster. There were also singles by world renowned actor Idris Elba, and a collaboration facilitated by UEP between LA’s Tha Vill and London’s Kele Le Roc.

In 2009 a realignment then took place, reverting focus back to the primary area of interest and expertise ultimately resulting in the name becoming one of the most recognized PR companies worldwide in the field of specialist hip hop.

Just as with the label’s own ethos, talent was paramount over any other factor. Developing the operational territory over the years, UrbanElite PR would become acknowledged as a leading player in securing extensive written, radio and visual coverage for new emerging artists in high line and independent media outlets throughout the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and Africa.

Album, EP, tour and publicity campaigns were also delivered for Souls of Mischief, Deeprooted, Copywrite, D12, Bumpy Knuckles, Ultramagnetic MCs, Melanin 9, Genesis Elijah, Rah Digga, Vast Aire, Classified, DJ Sarah Love, Kid Vishis, Horseshoe Gang, Iron Braydz, Constant Deviants and many more.   

The relaunch of New Dawn Records sees the situation come full circle, with UrbanElite PR reverting back to its original role as in house promotional division, with over a decade’s worth of experience under its belt.

More information about all of the promotional campaigns handled by UrbanElite PR can be obtained by visiting the official website

Many of the tracks promoted can be heard over at UrbanElite PR’s official Soundcloud page.  A compilation “Hip Hop Bangerz” showcasing just some of the choice cuts on offer can be heard below :