Phoenix da Icefire & Husky Brown – “Cosmic Soul” b/w “Seasons of You”

Released March 3rd 2020 on all digital streaming and download formats, this is the first single to be taken from the London duo’s exceptional new album “Panacea”.

“Cosmic Soul” is straight neck breakin’ hip hop as Phoenix reminisces on his alien abduction encounter and shamanic background, while the flip side “Seasons of You” is a slick r&b floor filler featuring Natalie May who you’ll remember from Rudimental’s “Sexy Sexy”. Includes a remix courtesy of Soul Brother Juice

Distributed by Ingrooves / Universal, available from all major digital outlets including Apple, Amazon, Deezer, Napster, Spotify & Tidal

Phoenix da Icefire & Husky Brown – “Dark Rainbow Light” b/w “Sins of Gaia”

Released March 27th and the second single lifted from the album “Panacea”, there’s more for the hip hop connoisseurs here with the traditional flavours of “Dark Rainbow Light” on a journey through inner city London, while the smoky lo fi beats of Sins of Gaia is the backdrop for Phoenix to address authoritative and racial prejudice. Look out for an accompanying video on release.

Remix is provided by Kashmere (YNR) and is available to stream & download at APPLE, AMAZON, DEEZER, NAPSTER, SPOTIFY & TIDAL

Phoenix da Icefire & Husky Brown – “The Humans are Coming” b/w “Travelling Buddy”

Out April 24th, this is the third single installment from the album “Panacea”. “The Humans are Coming” incorporates a powerful and highly creative fusion of electronica, dub and bass as Phoenix pens a letter of contrition to the mystical Gaia for crimes against her realm, while the soulful electro of “Travlling Buddy” featuring Chantelle Small is an extremely poignant take on mental health issues.

Remix included is by Chemo aka Telemachus (YNR, High Focus, KMJ45 Studios), and available from Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify & Amazon

Phoenix da Icefire & Husky Brown – “Panacea”

Released Tuesday May 5th, this exceptional debut partnership brings a fresh perspective to the genre with Husky’s kaleidoscopic productions fusing hip hop, r&b, soul, dub, bass, reggae, electronica and jazz.

As expected of a Triple Darkness member, Phoenix uses all of his creative verbal artillery to address a number of highly relevant issues for these volatile times covering the environment, mental health, racism, disengagement, knife crime and social decay, all with the aspiration of healing and reconciliation.

A truly astounding and ground breaking piece of work which has broken from formulaic convention and common held perceptions of London’s rap music scene.

Available to download and stream at the following : APPLE, AMAZON, DEEZER, NAPSTER, SPOTIFY & TIDAL

Since August 2020, “Panacea” has also been made available on Bandcamp. Each individual track can be downloaded, or if you opt for the whole album, you will automatically receive three additional bonus tracks, those being “Travelling Buddy” remixed by Chemo aka Telemachus, “Sins of Gaia remixed by Kashmere and “Seasons of You remixed by Soul Brother Juice”.

Phoenix da Icefire & Husky Brown AA side single “Shake Things Up” b/w “Dark Rainbow Light [Tone Spliff Remix]. Released on November 2nd 2021 to mark the “Panacea” album launch at Brixton Jamm on Friday 12th November 2021, postponed for 18 months due to the impact of the pandemic.

Available to download and stream on all digital platforms including APPLE, AMAZON, TIDAL, Bandcamp & Spotify