In light of the success of our PR division over the past decade and the invaluable asset that now provides, we developed the blueprint to relaunch the label during 2017.

A year of preparatory work restructered the label into physical and digital divisions, the latter being our first venture into this now ubiquitous format.

We were delighted to sign a new distribution agreement with INgrooves who will prove ideal partners, dovetailing their own significant engagement with multiple international digital outlets such as Spotify, Apple and Youtube with our in house promotional and marketing teams.

Today, streaming plays a critical role in showcasing new releases to the public at large, however without the correct mechanics in place, often strong digital figures are not reflected in the level of genuine engagement with artists via their official or social media platforms.  Our digital division have the strategies required to ensure that natural transference occurs and that all potential direct benefits are maximized.   

Traditionally of course we are known for releasing on physical formats, and we will continue to incorporate this intention while liaising with each artist as to preference, logistical considerations and time frames.

In keeping with our overall ethos, we have also structured the operation in such a way that allows us to offer enhanced terms by comparison to those commonplace in the industry. This represents a long overdue re-balance which values and recognizes artistic endeavours.

We release the music we love, that is our only consideration, and share the same passion as its creators. We look forward to this next chapter in NDR’s history and hope you enjoy the journey with us.