We have just released the single today, taken from the Krash Slaughta vs B.I.M. “18 Showdown” EP out on December 6th which contains all the remixes produced by the legendary turntablist DJ Krash Slaughta (DMC Finals / II Tone Committee) for the Belles in Monica crew.

Available on all digital formats for the first time, you can stream or download from Apple, Napster, Beatport, Tidal, Amazon, Soundcloud, Deezer & more, including Spotify

The single is also available on 12″ vinyl which you can order online directly from us at our official store We ship to all countries worldwide.

Our in house promotional division UrbanElite PR are currently assisting a number of artists from the USA & UK as they put the final touches to various EP’s and albums which we will look to schedule for release in 2020. Official announcements will be made here & on our various social media platforms shortly.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported us since our re-launch 8 months ago


Earlier this year we released the EP’s “Y’All in Meltdown” & “Natsukashii” by legendary hip hop crew Belles in Monica, and the “Sapientia EP” by Underground Cartel, an international hip hop collaboration featuring artists from the USA, UK, Europe and Africa.

All were made available to stream and download from Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Beatport, Deezer & Soundcloud, and we have just added all the tracks to our own Youtube channel where you can also view video trailers and future official video releases.


We release the Krash Slaughta vs B.I.M. ” ’18 Showdown ” EP on December 6th, with the single “What D’Ya Need (H.A.R.D. mix) out November 19th. Again all will be available to stream and download from the usual online platforms and stores including our own Youtube channel where there is already a video trailer.

Drop by the official New Dawn Records Youtube channel and subscribe to be kept up to date with all new videos and audio releases. Remember we have some of these releases on vinyl, so visit the Store to check for availability. New signings for 2020 will be announced here very shortly.

Our thanks to everyone who has supported us during this our year of re-launch


It’s been a hectic time since we relaunched in the Spring after a 15 year hiatus !

First there were the Underground Cartel and Belles in Monica EP releases taking us up to the summer, then there were wider label developments including setting up our direct online store where we re-released some of our classic vinyl from days gone by, and more recently planning a release schedule for 2020 with new signings from the USA and UK which will be announced over the next couple of months.

We appreciate the support & encouragement we’ve received from so many people around the world in this latest part of our journey, and so will wrap up this historic year with the release of a new EP on December 6th.

Krash Slaughta vs B.I.M. ” ’18 Showdown ” includes all the remixes the legendary turntablist DJ, DMC finalist and II Tone Committee member produced for the Belles in Monica crew, some of which previously appeared on vinyl and others we unearthed in our backroom vaults. Fans of this particular form of hip hop are in for a pre-Xmas feast !!

On November 19th we’ll release the single “What D’Ya Need – H.A.R.D. Remix” which will be available to stream and download from all the regular platforms and stores, and just as with the EP itself, the first time ever these classic joints will be in digital format.

We have just published a film video trailer of the EP on Youtube, as well as an audio teaser on Soundcloud. Check them out below.

Keep up to date with all our news here or via our social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter & Facebook

If any members of the public would like more information about our releases including digital and physical availability, feel free to drop us a line via our Contact Page If any members of the media, press or DJ’s have enquiries, please contact our in house promotional division UrbanElite PR, their details are available HERE

Thanks / Merci / Danke / Gracias / Grazi

We’re pleased to announce the opening of our new vinyl & CD store.

Before relaunching this year we operated in the “physical era”, and while of course we now release products digitally we are still committed to making available our own preferred formats.

There is little that compares to the sound, feel and experience of owning a new piece of wax, sticking the needle on the record for the first time and hearing the crackle before the musical storm kicks in.

As a label it’s part of our DNA, and we will always endeavour to cater for what is now, encouragingly, a resurgent market.

All orders placed through this website are handled and processed directly by ourselves, and we deliver to any destination worldwide. The simple store design provides ease of use with secure payment and communication options.

This model has also allowed us to offer significant discounts on combination purchases for our valued customers.

Visit our PHYSICAL STORE today to see what is available

We have great pleasure in announcing the release today of the new “Natsukashii EP” by Belles in Monica, the third such release since our relaunch in April and the second in the crew’s “Lazarus” series.

The 10 tracks include specially re-worked and re-produced “18 Edits”of previous vinyl releases, never before available instrumentals and some exclusive brand new joints, the first from the crew in 15 years.

Journeys are taken to the dark underbelly of inner city drug squalor in “Smoke Filled Rooms”, industry machinations are exposed in “That All U Got?” while the booming production of “Skitzophentic” provides the backdrop for a tirade against generic conformity.

“Venom” attacks multimedia’s clandestine misinformation schemes while the mood is switched in “Hip Hop”, a funked up, sample laden ode to the culture. A soundtrack incorporating tight eclectic beats, turntablism and filmic themes concludes as the final credits roll with “Resistance is Futile”, a bonfire of the vanities in a metaphorical dystopia.

Available to stream and download from the following


The last couple of months have represented an intensely busy period for us with such a regular release schedule, and is the culmination of over a year’s work in bringing the label out of “cold storage”.

It also completes ‘Phase 1’ of our plans as we set our sights on the future with new roster additions which we will announce in the weeks ahead.

We thank everyone for the support we’ve received in helping us reach this point and look forward to the next chapter

We are proud to announce our latest release today, the fifth during the months of April & May marking our re-launch this year.

The single by hip hop crew Belles in Monica, “Smoke Filled Rooms” b/w “Skitzophonetic”, was originally released on vinyl 15 years ago. However these brand new “18 Edit” versions with additional production and mastering have never before been available in any format

Already on international rotation, “Smoke Filled  Rooms” mixes electronica, turntablism and South Asian flavas to journey into the dark underbelly of the inner city with rhymes depicting a vision of drug squalor hell, while the booming kicks and soaring strings of “Skitzophonetic” provides the dramatic backdrop for a verbal tirade against generic conformity.  Bonus cut “That All U Got?” invokes the spirit of Ali & Foreman leaving industry machinations slumped in the corner, towel thrown.  The art of storytelling has returned on a release spanning all eras.

Taken from the “Natsukashii EP” out June 7th, the second in their ‘Lazarus’ series following April’s “Y’All in Meltdown EP”. Available to download and stream from a variety of online platforms and stores including Apple, Amazon, Deezer, Soundcloud and Spotify

We are very proud to present our latest EP release, the second since our recent re-launch in April.

Underground Cartel represents the ultimate in global hip hop, the brainchild of producer Kruze who has assembled an impressive array of highly talented male and female artists from the USA, UK, Europe & Africa for a series of brand new tracks.

Almost unique in its concept it represents the traditional values of unity and co-operation within the international hip hop community.

Stateside there’s coast to coast representation courtesy of Swiss Precise (KBH crew Long Beach), Sacramento’s Crazy Ballhead, Midwest rapper Brandon J Atlas, Boston’s Yukonn MC, Black Market from Virginia, Tone Rome of Baltimore’s Raw Dialect crew and Brooklyn’s female MC Lockness.

London’s Creamo and UK Rapstation host Mr CRF are joined by Zimbabwean Dumi Right, with a heavy European contingent in the form of Madrid’s El Meswy, Beni Blanco from French crew “Originaire du Sud”, German rapper Grizu, Croatia’s Magellano and Dutchman Bleek Wonder.  The Italian scene has double representation in the shape of female lyricist Marya and the late, great Primo Brown from legendary crew Cor Veleno.   

All stand shoulder to shoulder trading bars which move seamlessly through each track and territory.  The result is a fresh, eclectic and extremely rare mix of rhymes, beats and turntablism, essential listening for the global hip hop connoisseur.

Available to stream & download from the following :



We’re very proud to announce another new release today, the third inside of a month marking our re-launch this year.

Underground Cartel is the brainchild of producer Kruze, designed as a celebration of the traditions of global hip hop culture & unity, and features male & female artists from the USA, UK, Europe & Africa.

8 brand new tracks, never before released in any format, appear on the new “Sapientia EP” out on May 17th 2019

From the EP is the single “Evolution” b/w “Diggin’ Deeper”.

“Evolution” has London’s Creamo, Croatian rapper Magellano, Brandon J Atlas from the States and the late great Primo Brown from legendary Italian crew Cor Veleno go head to head over a driving beat fuelled by heavy kicks and Dabke percussion, while the UK’s Rapstation host and MC Mr CRF trades bars with Zimbabwe’s Dumi Right on “Diggin’ Deeper”, a funked up banger laced with turntablism and classic soul.

Available to stream now on Spotify

Also available to stream and download in mp3 format from Apple, Amazon & Soundcloud

If any members of the media or DJ’s need any more information about this release, including full quality original & clean mp3s for their sets, please contact our in house promotions and marketing UrbanElite PR. Their contact details are available HERE

Thanks to everyone for the amazing support we’ve had with these early releases – more to come !

We released the new EP “Y’All in Meltdown” by Belles in Monica last Friday, and we really appreciate all the support we’ve already received from media and the public.

Distributed by our partners Ingrooves, the EP is available to stream and download at SPOTIFY SOUNDCLOUD APPLE BEATPORT DEEZER & AMAZON

The follow up release by this hip hop crew is “Natsukashii” on June 7th, a mix of re-worked and produced originals previously out on wax, some never before available instrumentals and exclusive new joints, the first from them in over 15 years . The preview trailer video has just been launched on our Youtube channel today.

The first single from this EP, “Smoke Filled Rooms”, drops May 24th

We’re proud to announce the release today of “Y’All in Meltdown – Lazarus EP Vol 1” by hip hop crew Belles in Monica, a re-issue of their classic singles “Y’All Under Surveillance” and “Meltdown” available together for the first time on digital formats.

The original vinyl releases were regulars on multiple stations including BBC Radio 1 and featured in a variety of printed publications including Billboard, Hip Hop Connection and Blues & Soul, while extensive club support led to high entries in DJ Magazine’s specialist charts.

The new EP includes the celebrated and some previously unreleased versions of the remixes by G-Sharp, Phi Life Cypher producer DJ Nappa, turntablist supreme DJ Mr Thing and legendary DMC finalist Krash Slaughta, and also features brand new exclusive re-worked productions of the originals.  Dope rhymes, banging beats and formidable turntablism all served up for the hip hop connoisseurs.

Now streaming on Spotify

Distributed worldwide by INgrooves, the EP is also available to stream & download at the following