New EP Released Today – Belles in Monica “Natsukashii”

We have great pleasure in announcing the release today of the new “Natsukashii EP” by Belles in Monica, the third such release since our relaunch in April and the second in the crew’s “Lazarus” series.

The 10 tracks include specially re-worked and re-produced “18 Edits”of previous vinyl releases, never before available instrumentals and some exclusive brand new joints, the first from the crew in 15 years.

Journeys are taken to the dark underbelly of inner city drug squalor in “Smoke Filled Rooms”, industry machinations are exposed in “That All U Got?” while the booming production of “Skitzophentic” provides the backdrop for a tirade against generic conformity.

“Venom” attacks multimedia’s clandestine misinformation schemes while the mood is switched in “Hip Hop”, a funked up, sample laden ode to the culture. A soundtrack incorporating tight eclectic beats, turntablism and filmic themes concludes as the final credits roll with “Resistance is Futile”, a bonfire of the vanities in a metaphorical dystopia.

Available to stream and download from the following


The last couple of months have represented an intensely busy period for us with such a regular release schedule, and is the culmination of over a year’s work in bringing the label out of “cold storage”.

It also completes ‘Phase 1’ of our plans as we set our sights on the future with new roster additions which we will announce in the weeks ahead.

We thank everyone for the support we’ve received in helping us reach this point and look forward to the next chapter