New Dawn Records Vinyl & CD Store Now Open

We’re pleased to announce the opening of our new vinyl & CD store.

Before relaunching this year we operated in the “physical era”, and while of course we now release products digitally we are still committed to making available our own preferred formats.

There is little that compares to the sound, feel and experience of owning a new piece of wax, sticking the needle on the record for the first time and hearing the crackle before the musical storm kicks in.

As a label it’s part of our DNA, and we will always endeavour to cater for what is now, encouragingly, a resurgent market.

All orders placed through this website are handled and processed directly by ourselves, and we deliver to any destination worldwide. The simple store design provides ease of use with secure payment and communication options.

This model has also allowed us to offer significant discounts on combination purchases for our valued customers.

Visit our PHYSICAL STORE today to see what is available