New AA Side Single Release – Justo the MC & Brelstaff “Falling” / “Satan’s Grip”

We are very pleased to announce today the release of the new AA side single “Falling” / “Satan’s Grip” by Brooklyn rapper Justo the MC and Edinburgh hip hop producer Brelstaff.

This is the second taken from their album “Urban Testimony” out on November 3rd, and follows on from last month’s “High”. This is the latest chapter from the album’s overall theme, a narrative documenting Justo’s curtailed and traumatic experience studying at Clark Atlanta University several years ago.

Carrying the weight of expectations from a household of faith, the essence of the story is that of a conflicted mind on a potential escape route through academia which strays on a path of hedonism in a brutally honest account of events and consequences.

A chilled soundtrack is the backdrop for the post-traumatic “Falling”, a remorseful narrative reflecting on the mental and physical impacts incurred, while the gritty menacing strains of “Satan’s Grip” fuel a metaphorical conversation on the risks of dancing with the devil.

Available to stream and download at APPLE / iTUNES, AMAZON, TIDAL and below on BANDCAMP and SPOTIFY

There are also official visuals on Youtube

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Enjoy the new music & as ever we appreciate the support.