Recipient of the title “Best Rapper” at the Ithaca Music Awards in 2019, Anthony Kannon has joined forces with veteran hip hop producer Frost Gamble, originally of Binghamton NY and now resident in Winnipeg, to release their new album Cautionary Tales through ourselves on October 20th 2023

Authentically powerful, the themes are a compelling narrative of a life less ordinary packed full of dope rhymes and skillfull wordplay set to the highest caliber soundtrack.

To mark such a special occasion, the pair have announced two launch events due to take place in their current home towns.


The first takes place on Thursday October 26th at The Osborne Taphouse, 112 Osborne Street Winnipeg where they will be joined by guests Kairo & Hoopaloop, Dag & Tek Pro, Serge Paul and DJ Benz.

Doors open at 8pm with entry priced on the night at $15.00, or you can buy in advance online at Eventbrite.  Contact for the venue itself is by phone 204 219 0477 and email  Frost himself is the event organiser and you can contact him directly via his social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for any further details.


The second event takes place on Saturday November 18th at Deep Dive, 415 Old Taughannock Blvd Ithaca when Anthony will be performing the entire album with a live band which includes his father on bass!

They will be joined by Frost performing a DJ set, Mr McBean and Brooklyn’s Justo the MC who features on the album track “Take It Easy”.  He will also be performing selected tracks from his upcoming album “Urban Testimony” produced by Brelstaff, another which coincidentally will be releasing through New Dawn Records on November 3rd

Doors open at 8pm with tickets available in advance priced at $12.00 plus fees & tax available from Eventbrite, or $20.00 on the night.    Contact for the venue is via their website, by emailing or calling 631 912 0651

You can of course connect with Anthony directly on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Just as with the singles released to date, the album will be available from all digital streaming and download platforms including Apple / iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, Tidal and Amazon.

There is also a video playlist of the singles on Youtube. Album track videos will appear here on release

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Enjoy the shows !


Releasing on November 3rd 2023, the new album “Urban Testimony” by Brooklyn rapper Justo the MC & Edinburgh producer Brelstaff is now ready to pre-order online HERE.

In what is one of his most personal releases to date, the entire theme relates to Justo’s curtailed and traumatic time spent studying at Clark Atlanta University some years ago, documenting the experiences and events witnessed there. The narrative reflects regrets, consequences and lessons learned in what is a brutally honest account of a time which by his own description led him to “a turning point in life”.

The superb lyricism and skillful art of storytelling are bolstered by the atmospheric soundtrack provided by Brelstaff, mixing lofi beats, electronica and jazz fusion for a chilled yet gritty concoction that keep the pages turning.

The album will be available initially in digital format from all leading streaming and download platforms including Apple / iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Bandcamp, Deezer and Amazon. Singles released so far include “High” and the AA side “Falling / “Satan’s Grip”

There is also a video playlist on Youtube of the singles released to date, and videos for all future singles and album tracks will also appear here

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New Dawn Records are pleased to announce the release today of the new AA side single “Wolves”, the fifth single to be taken from the album “Lead by Example” by Ramson Badbonez, his debut as a producer which dropped on August 27th.

Here Ramson returns to mic duties alongside fellow London rappers Phoenix da Icefire (ex Triple Darkness) and Cyclonious, all cutting a swathe through fallen kingpins and street tyrants in a barrage of heavy verbal artillery. 

On the specially commissioned remix they are joined by renowned UK rapper Genesis Elijah.  Produced by Frost Gamble, originally of NY State and now operating out of Canada, the combination of highest calibre beats and rhymes makes this an authentic killer cut.

Available on all digital platforms and stores including APPLE, TIDAL, AMAZON, BANDCAMP & SPOTIFY

Ramson will be showcasing a number of the album tracks at London’s Brixton Jamm on Friday November 12th as part of a joint headline show with Phoenix da Icefire and Husky Brown who will be performing their own album “Panacea”.  Others appearing on the night include King Kashmere, Black Chronical and Prospects, hosted by DJ Jazz T and Peaches. Tickets are available to buy online HERE

All media and DJ enquiries about the single and album can be addressed to our in house promotional division UrbanElite PR. Their contact details are HERE

All enquiries regarding the event at Brixton Jamm can be sent to the event organizer Hoochinoo who are on Twitter @Hoochinoo and Instagram @Hoochinoo


In May 2020, New Dawn Records brought you “Panacea” by London rapper Phoenix da Icefire & producer Husky Brown. Nominated for “Best Independent Album” at the AIM Awards 2020 due to its incredible mix of hip hop, soul, r&b, dub and electronica providing the soundtrack for one of the most creative, relevant and prescient narratives of these turbulent times. Issues relating to the environment, physical and mental health, racism, prejudice, street life, aspirations and interdependence were all addressed with a refreshing underlying theme of hope for the future.

In August 2021 the label released “Lead by Example” by renowned London rapper Ramson Badbonez, his first time behind the boards. One of the most impressive production debuts witnessed for many years is also very rare in nature with such a phenomenal line up of guest featured artists from the UK, US and Canada all standing shoulder to shoulder on the one record delivering a showcase of the highest calibre beats, rhymes and turntablism.

Finally after the long term impact of the Covid 19 restrictions, you have the first chance to see tracks from these fantastic albums performed live on the same night at London’s Brixton Jamm on Friday November 12th 2021 thanks to our friends at Hoochinoo, the event organizer. A night not to be missed for all hip hop connoisseurs.







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Enjoy the show !