For the second time in recent weeks we were delighted to learn that another of our releases had been picked by online store Bandcamp to feature on their front page’s “New and Notable” spotlight section.

“Urban Testimony” by Brooklyn rapper Justo the MC and Edinburgh lo fi hip hop producer Brelstaff is an exceptional piece of work. Lyrically, the narrative reads like a book telling the story of a pivotal time in Justo’s life before during and after his curtailed and turbulent attendance at Clark Atlanta University some years ago.

The underlying themes of potential opportunities presented by the escape route of academia being missed as a conflicted mind strayed on the path of hedonism is a brutally honest account of events as they unfolded. However, the story ends on a more optimistic note of survival and progression with lessons learned.

The accompanying soundtrack by Brelstaff perfectly captures each mood perfectly. The blend of lo fi hip hop beats, jazz fusion and soul acts almost like a film score, the instrumental versions of several having been broadcast by BBC Radio 1’s ‘Focus Beats’ programme earlier in the year.

Both the vocal version of the album and instrumental version are available on Bandcamp

You can learn more about Justo and Brelstaff in their specially designated Artist Page on this website.


Releasing on November 3rd 2023, the new album “Urban Testimony” by Brooklyn rapper Justo the MC & Edinburgh producer Brelstaff is now ready to pre-order online HERE.

In what is one of his most personal releases to date, the entire theme relates to Justo’s curtailed and traumatic time spent studying at Clark Atlanta University some years ago, documenting the experiences and events witnessed there. The narrative reflects regrets, consequences and lessons learned in what is a brutally honest account of a time which by his own description led him to “a turning point in life”.

The superb lyricism and skillful art of storytelling are bolstered by the atmospheric soundtrack provided by Brelstaff, mixing lofi beats, electronica and jazz fusion for a chilled yet gritty concoction that keep the pages turning.

The album will be available initially in digital format from all leading streaming and download platforms including Apple / iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Bandcamp, Deezer and Amazon. Singles released so far include “High” and the AA side “Falling / “Satan’s Grip”

There is also a video playlist on Youtube of the singles released to date, and videos for all future singles and album tracks will also appear here

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Focus Beats, produced by Reform Radio, broadcasts weekly through the night, initially on Saturdays aired on BBC Radio 6 and repeated on BBC Radio 1 every Wednesday.

The world renowned station has recently scheduled various programmes of a similar nature, mirroring the phenomenon which has grown exponentially in recent years on Youtube and Spotify playlists. Typically playing a mix of instrumental lo-fi hip hop, chill, and ambient electronica, all designed to assist with relaxation, stress relief, meditation and in particular there is extensive usage by students using these sounds to help with focusing on stud. It is the musical extension of ASMR.

This week’s programme can be streamed for the next six weeks on BBC Sounds and you can listen back HERE

It includes tracks affiliated to New Dawn Records’ releases by three different artists

Brelstaff – “Fine Line (instrumental)” Taken from Urban Testimony [The Instrumentals]” released earlier this year, the original version appears on the vocal version of the album, a collaboration with Brooklyn rapper Justo the MC which drops on November 3rd. The first single “High” will be made available on August 1st.

Urban Testimony [The Instrumentals] on Spotify

Urban Testimony – Official Album Video Trailer on Youtube

Frost Gamble “Long Ride (instrumental)”. This is the instrumental of the track appearing on the album “Cautionary Tales”, another collaborative project this time between the producer originally from Binghamton NY and now resident in Canada, and award winning upstate NY rapper Anthony Kannon

Releasing on October 20th, the first single “Pitfalls” dropped in June with the new single “Make It Rain” ready to make its appearance next week on Tuesday July 18th.

Pitfalls is available on all digital platforms including Bandcamp, Apple, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon and here on Spotify

Cautionary Tales – Official Album Video Trailer on Youtube

Phoenix da Icefire & Husky Brown “Veganite (instrumental)”. The instrumental of the track which appeared on “Panacea”, released by us in 2020 and which was nominated for “Best Independent Album” at the AIM Awards that year.

It remains an immense piece of work by the London duo, with Husky fusing hip hop, funk, soul, dub, electronic and lo-fi sounds as a soundtrack to a narrative by Phoenix addressing prominent issues such as institutional racism, mental health, physical well being, spirituality, climate change, knife crime and aspirations, all delivered with the underlying message of empathy and hope for the future.

A remarkable album that will continue to stand the test of time which you can hear on all digital platforms including Bandcamp, Apple, Tidal and here on Spotify

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Our thanks again to Reform Radio for the support


New Dawn Records are pleased to announce the release today of the new album “Urban Testimony [The Instrumentals]” by Edinburgh producer Brelstaff.

Ten titles fusing chilled, soulful lofi hip hop with downtempo jazz and ambient electronica in an ethereal soundtrack that rests easy on the senses. Music to soothe the soul and help focus with work and study in equal measure.

Originally operating under his born name Daryl Donald, his reputation as one of the most respected emerging beatmakers in this genre grew from 2017 through a series of projects which generated over a million streams on Spotify, and since adopting the new pseudonym has continued to flourish, most notably earlier this year with the single “Cursive” featuring renowned west coast rapper Fashawn.

The instrumental album is the pre-cursor to the full vocal version which we will release later in the year.  A collaborative project with Brooklyn rapper Justo the MC which acts as a narrative documenting his curtailed and turbulent time at Clark Atlanta University, including a fascinating insight and depiction of the trials and tribulations of student life he witnessed there which ultimately led to the crossroads of his life. 

Now available to stream and download at APPLE, AMAZON & TIDAL

Also on Bandcamp & Spotify

In addition there is a full video playlist for every track now on our official Youtube channel.

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You can connect with Brelstaff on Twitter @BrelstaffMusic and Instagram @BrelstaffMusic

As ever we appreciate the support and enjoy the music !


Our first release of 2023 comes courtesy of Edinburgh producer Brelstaff who laces us with his trademark concoction of chilled, soulful, lofi hip hop vibes with further influences of progressive rock, jazz fusion and ambient electronica fused together effortlessly in an ethereal soundtrack that focuses minds and soothes souls in equal measure. 

“Urban Testimony [The Instrumentals]” drops Friday April 28th, while the full vocal version, a collaborative project with Brooklyn rapper Justo the MC will be released by us in the autumn, preceded by several singles.

Videos for every track will appear on our official Youtube Channel upon the album’s release next month, and of course it will also be available to download and stream at all major digital platforms including Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple, Amazon & Tidal.

Meantime we have just published the album Video Trailer and Audio Teaser.

Thanks to the team at UrbanElite Productions for both the artwork and video trailer. All media enquiries about our releases can be addressed to our in house promotional division, UrbanElite PR whose contact information is HERE

You can connect with Brelstaff on his social media platforms. Twitter @BrelstaffMusic Instagram @BrelstaffMusic and Facebook @BrelstaffMusic

Our thanks again to everyone for your support, enjoy !